Real Estate

PARITET law firm has extensive experience in the area of real estate and land transactions.


Our experts develop, analyze and tailor to the Clients' needs contracts involving real estate and land transactions and ensure compliance of such contracts with the current legislation. We are well-experienced in providing legal support of real estate transactions, particularly sale and purchase, real estate leases, mortgage services, privatization and others. Additionally, our Firm advises Clients and protects their rights regarding performance of contractual obligations in the area of real estate and debt recovery.

Due diligence

Our lawyers have experience with legal examination of title documents pertaining to real estate and involving real estate transactions (due diligence of real estate including land lots and improvements), including examination of documents related to commissioning of new constructions, state registration of contracts, presence of encumbrances and third party rights. For our Clients we conduct an in-depth analysis of risks and thorough risk identification of real estate transactional limitations (both evident and latent).

Legal consulting

The Firm's experts advise on issues relating to changing the designated use of land lots, land purchase, depreciation and real estate leases, transactions involving moratorium land and housing construction financing.

Additionally, offer legal advice on issues involving real estate taxation and tax optimization of real estate transactions. 

Dispute resolution

The Firm represents Clients in land dispute resolution, privatization, landlord/tenant (lease) disputes, real property rights protection.

We have experience with protecting our Clients’ interests and rights in administrative, civil and commercial court proceeding and ad hoc arbitration.